A bit of confusion

Has anyone felt as unexcited about the next season's collections as I do? I'm finding it hard to look at the entire collection from the beginning to the end or at the streetstyle shots and pick a favourite. I'm afraid I won't be rummaging in second-hand shops or scouting high-street to 'get the look', because there are basically no looks I want to get. Instead I'm now completely addicted to vintage frames, and when going on a 'therapeutic' shopping spree in H&M I pick up a dress with a thought: 'it has a simple, straight silhouette, calm old rose colour and just one unusual detail is the buttoning across the entire sleeve and shoulder seam'. I took it to the till. Enter the Confusion…

Koi Suwannagate, Proenza Schouler images style.com

Window licking on internet is one of my favourite ways to waste time and to get informed about brands, designers and styles at the same time. Window licking for shoes is even better, especially when I'm choosing a new pair of boots. I'm looking for a lower heel because I'm always on the run these days. I want straps and buckles and contrast in textures, yes! Oddly enough none of these qualities would attract me just about half a year ago, but seeing everyone wearing lace-up wedges tires me so much. I mean 'everyone' on internet, because on the street I'm still perfectly weird with the JC sandal boots, but the small world of fashion blogs is over-saturated with the samey-same styles. Soon (if not already) we can add 'bloggers' to goths, punks, indie-kids, straight-edge hardcore kids, rockabilly or whatever else we've got for the style groups. Enter the Boredom…

ankle boots with 'waist' heel Office

red ankle boots Surface To Air

Black is the new black….black is also the old black because black has always been what it is…erm… black. I always feel the most comfortable wearing it, never needing any texture to play with, it calls out for simplicity and minimalism, even though you could clash the two most contrasting fabrics and shapes and still get away with it. I wear it because I think it suits me – all the fake blacks work well against my Snow White complexion, and I always believed that people should wear the colour that suits them. Yet suddenly I find everyone dressed in black. At the COS season kick-off the only non-black item was my Acne t-shirt (yes, I did show up to the brand's kick off wearing the competitor's garment!). I was surprised, because on half of my colleagues it looked unflattering and it didn't suit their personality. So why are people trying so hard to be on-trend? And is black really the only colour that suits me? Enter the Doubt…


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