more frills and pom-poms

When the layering and pleating is done right I can’t resist the frill – no! These are the images of Toga’s past collection (all on sale at Opening Ceremony btw). Crinoline-inspired skirt with plisse frills is both girly and absurd, and it could be a potential DIY idea when a Topshop cage skirt is taken as a base – why haven’t I grabbed one at the sale while in London.

The dress is yet another do-it-yourself for the near future. Vintage cowboy-style belt + cut-off fabric from some flea-market floor length skirt that needs to be stitched at the angle a few times at the bottom to get the egg shape. I do happen to own one Toga dress, so I know that the whitty cut and the finishings are way more complex than any DIY level, but still good enough to keep my hands busy.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been making some tiny pom-pom jewellery – it’s so light-weight that I could take a hundred of those soft and fuzzy pom-poms, but for now stopped at my lucky number 7. Simple!


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