the good hair day

Does such thing as a ‘good hair day’ exist? Because if it does, I am definitely having one. And it would get even better if I were to adorn my head with one of those lovely head-pieces.

They are from an Etsy seller jenniferloiselle. She makes lovely headbands that do become real statement pieces when worn.
I have never ventured on to the headgear path – not out of dislike, but out of not being able to find a piece that would suit me, or a hat that would fit my head, not that I’ve got a big head or anything, is just most of the beautiful hats at Modes (rue Blaes, BXL) are way too small or crooked – no idea why it is so.
But I am searching for some simple headgear for the daily wear, and I would love to give the aforementioned headbands a try. Priced within the range of 40-60$ they are still of the expensive matter, may be worth of pondering on and hesitating…dunno.


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