the frill

First of all, please excuse the recent lack of posts…I’ve been mending a hole in my heart with pink pills and absent-mindedness, and it seems to have helped. I feel slightly more alive, yet a few very important changes are taking place – timely and needed.
In the meanwhile, I’m entertaining myself with some unusual thoughts of equally unusual details. So this post shall be dedicated to The Frill.

Frills are the very unlikely embellishment when it comes down to my choice of clothes. With frills I always felt ouvertly girly, somewhat synonymous to weak, so I never really considered owning a frilly garment. Yet recently the idea of femininity as a power statement started to infiltrate my thoughts, may be after Queen Michelle’s post about the harassment she experienced, or may be after I got spilled with water from a passing car while waiting for a bus. It seems to make more sense to be a woman, sometimes even adhering to the cliché, but never hiding within the trousers and pretending to have inherited all the man’s strength from one garment.

And here they came – the frills, the bows, the florals. I’m delighted to have actually discovered the ‘non-frilly’ way for those elements of girlyness. The inspiration comes from the Fall/Winter 2010 catwalk, namely Chloe and Dries Van Noten. I’m still staying myself, since I can’t deviate from black/white/grey that easily, it would be a fair leap of faith to don an orange drop shoulder coat. But can floral dresses have shoulderpads? Balenciaga says yes, so count me in.


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