the flying saucer alert!


These shall be my love forever! So much of self-love on this blog in the past weeks, it should be sickening to all of you by now. Plus now I can check my reflection in my shoes to go completely narcissistically wack!
No chance! This is just another post about what’s on my feet. Honestly though, it does make the feet all happy to have a creature of the rarest breed for the adornment. The newest shoes are of Marc Jacobs’ mastermind, some sort of a peculiar derivative of a flying saucer. Not that I have ever seen one, but in my wildest imagination I’d be going on a 3001 space odyssey with these on my feet for sure. Now I’m sketching a batwing shirt in pastel mint and a pair of peg-leg trousers to be made in the lightest shade of dove grey. I’ve been mentioning before that I’ve got too many ideas to do and make, but the one that drives me is to compose a sans black outfit for the autumn. Yes, when everyone is donning black head to toe, I crave for greying pastels, velvet, metallics and nude lace. Autumn/winter 2008 nostalgia?


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