What do people...

...do not to get bored in their free time?
I’ve got several safe time-wasting routines, but recently I got bored of those… not sure if it means that I’m bored of my free time – the endless discussions at work about my character and attitude that are to my opinion are just useless chatter and mere finger-pointing are getting very successfully on my nerves, so the free time is very much welcome, and as much as possible, please.
I’ve recently visited Berlin and next weekend I’m off to my favourite city in the world – London, hopefully Cologne in the first week of August, then Copenhagen and back to Berlin in the beginning of September. Don’t call me an escapist if I don’t come back from one of those cities – call me an escapist already now!
So what’s the news, you say? The fact that I’m somewhat bored of blogging too is quite new and surprising, since I am pretty new in the blogosphere, but after I visited Berlin and recognised quite a few people that I see on blogs I was scared of myself. When Dario of Stil in Berlin was standing just a meter away from me or when Zana of GarbageDress walked past I didn’t dare to say anything, but when I was accidently introduced to a guy whose face I often see on Zana’s blog (the one with round spectacles), I mentally flipped – how can it be? Me? The one with a total face recognition disorder who wouldn’t even tell her own cousin from a stranger! This world is too small, and it gets even smaller with every minute that I spend reading someone else’s blog.
So, the news. I’ve been contemplating on this one for a long time, but only now it seems to make sense: the magazine freak that I am is going to publish her first magazine! (a round of applause) I also love all things DIY and low-key, so I spent a day experimenting with recycled newsprint, double-sided tape and some of the visual material I published on this blog, discovering that the landscape layout is much more attractive than the portrait – one, it needs less double-sided tape to bind it, and two, it lets you publish text in two columns on the same page and looks like you are reading an old-fashioned novel, plus the printer margin falls out into the binding.
The debut issue is due in September, so obviously I’m urgently looking for contributors. I want a mish-mash of stories, thoughts and musings, written text or an image. Debut must be like a collective memory of each and every – only this way the spark life can be lit within a creature. A magazine is a stack of papers but is a creature too. That’s why I decide to write about memories, and ghosts, things that haunt you and things that are haunted. I call things of this sort midnight creatures – they are the haunting ghosts from the past that drive you, inspire you, fill you with a certain desire. They are often gloomy and sad, but even in this sadness there’s beauty. And if I ever called you my midnight friend, beware! For my heart is yours, sickly inspired not to ever relinquish from my choice. But every time you’re near I’ll lean towards the abyss.
There are others too, they are not creatures by definition. But have you ever heard the trees talk? The lamp post wink at you? Or a piano stare at you with its hollow mouth of teeth wide open?
So fetishes, ghost stories, weird thoughts that keep you busy and deepest secrets from the bottom of the heart are welcome!

As an example of what I mean by the beautiful catalogue of thoughts and musings here are some spreads from the Laser magazine, which is probably the best I’ve seen in ages.

Also RUIS – our Belgian magazine published by Kraak is a great example of the minimal maximalism.
Pin-up – is for architectural entertainment and is read on one breath.


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