Today I officially declare myself an IKEA fan! I never wanted an interior total look before, but after today’s visit I want everything from pepper mill to commode. The real deal is that IKEA has launched the new range under the already known title IKEA PS (it’s not even published online yet, so sorry, no pictures), but this time around there’s got to be some young blood in the design office. I’m impatient to find out who.
There’s suddenly every object I ever wanted – an uneven wooden table with graphic metal legs, a commode with rope knobs and drawers of different sizes, a pepper mill that looks like a tower from Lord of the Rings (dad’s description), a modern version of Thonet chair, and armchair with flip cushions for your colour choice, a crooked lamp that looks like it’s made of ping-pong balls, a huge hanging light in a shape of a dandelion, a wooden shelf with uneven structure….oh, should I even continue??? Yes, there’s also that little wooden stool! And everything is in white and wood!
Only recently I’ve been browsing for some interior inspiration, because it’s time to continue decorating the next room in my flat – the kitchen is done, living room’s turn. So I stumble upon few images from the Martin Margiela home line, they are truly enchanting. Those white interiors with a chair swing and trompe-l’oeil baroque doors are all I want to have, including the oxygen-green light and naturally the loft to place it all in.
I always loved the tongue-in-cheek humour in design, because I refuse to take some things seriously, like interior decoration, for example. There always must be something wrong for it to be right, and the new IKEA stuff has all those qualities. I am surprised with myself how much I’ve given in to the mass produced items this time around, yet everything that we surround ourselves with is simply a matter of making choices.


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