gone to berlin

Am I the only one who’s not praying for the rain? Strangely enough I’ve been enjoying myself in the heat, sunbathing at lunch breaks, spending money on unusual buys like a bikini and baring quite some skin in my latest outfits.
Now onto the point #2 of the pointless post:

I remember even mentioning this dress at a party in Antwerp to a guy who just couldn’t give less damn and rather see me without one, but I’m a die-hard Acne addict, and I had to stick it in the conversation.
Now the dress is happily mine in the papery black cotton, I’ll be soon making another obsession list and Acne’s Duchess shall surely be on it!
Tomorrow I’m off to Berlin to waste some time and money at the open air designer sale and visit some friends and enemies (for the latter, not that there are some). Please bear with my silence until Monday.


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