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Recently I’ve been so bored of fashion outfits that I’ve been resorting to the safy-safe black&white garments, living in jumpsuits and refusing to wear anything more complicated than oversized t-shirt plus slouchy trousers. So out the skinny jeans, out the second-hand weirdness, out the jewellery. All I’m longing for these days is a luxury silk t-shirt, suede harem trouser, drapy silk blazer and I’m afraid I’ll start wearing fur this winter! I have no idea where this lust for luxury textiles comes from and why do I feel so exhilarated from the sensation of silk or viscose jersey on my skin or why am I so addicted to the crispy crunching sound of my poplin Acne dress. Don’t get me wrong – this is not the luxury of diamonds and pearls, but the understated elegance of noble materials in minimal shapes, and probably the only no-so-minimal object of my desire is the golden Casio calculator watch!
So if I could live here:

and wear these at this very moment, I would feel cosy, delicate and fragile. And I’m sure this will be my upcoming autumn/winter mood in fashion and design.

all items at freudiankicks.com
interiors at design-milk.com


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