some curious facts about today

· Got a phonecall from some IT guy in Stockholm who was so impressed with my Swedish skills – ok, I know how to say ‘Hej då’ – he called me back pretending he needed to check that program again.

· The landlord is back, so no more rent payment delays and making up excuses of being abroad.

· I bow to those who actually manage to comment on this blog – many thanks for your sweet words! I’ve got no idea where the comment line went; it has been that way from the very beginning, so it must be the html template, but I’ve read it through and through and still find nothing that could block the comments. So once again, you can comment by going to the post’s page – by clicking on the title.

· I’ve been contemplating on getting those ACNE jeans with cut out details, to wear them with a very plain silk blouse that looks more like a pyjama shirt…the blouse is COS and is NOT on sale. I spent the evening wondering who in their own mind would be buying that thing except for myself and unless it’s worn with the aforementioned jeans.


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