la cambre 09

All around the world this time of the year is known as the Graduates Fashion Week. But if you want to follow the real one, go now to Stylebubble – probably the best coverage there is. Here in Belgium it is not a functional fashion week, but is more like two weekends with two most distinct shows of the year – La Cambre in BXL and Academy of Antwerp.
Last weekend it was the La Cambre’s turn to show some talent, yet apart from a few general crowd-pleasers and some interesting details I haven’t really found much to look out for in the future. And I must admit that nicking forgotten VIP packages from underneath someone’s seat has become a habit and an answer to the fact that bloggers don’t get a press-pass! So I’ll post more reviews and pictures together with Antwerp, but for now some lazy shots of a gorgeous beige cape-coat shall suffice.


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