The spring clean is becoming more and more evident with all that I plan to do in my little apartment. I’ve been browsing through the images on for almost the whole day. My verdict – inspired! Thank you very much, guys!
I never liked interiors that are too well made up with coordinated colours and made-to-measure furniture. I prefer to collect, and sometimes it becomes almost like dragging all sorts of weird stuff in – the downside of collecting, of course. So that’s how I end up with six different chairs standing around my table! I couldn’t decide which style I wanted, so I’ve got a bit of everything – an old school chair, an architect’s chair, Scandinavian teak chair, a cardboard stool with book print (loved it at first sight when I came across a photo of a room with a white table and six of those standing around it…I’ve got only one to add up to my chair identity crisis) and a vintage armchair covered in black skaï.

This image makes me feel that I’m not alone in this world! I also love the raw piece of wood against the design aspect of every chosen stool.

So I’m getting rid of the carpet and painting the shabby wooden floors white to have as much light as possible, the staircase will get treated too. I do have much more stuff, less space and literally no light compared to this image, but I want the effect.

So basically white+wood is what makes me cosy. It's a very multi-faced formula if you see all the wonderful results.

But I’ve been contemplating on a splash of colour lately – definitely a paradigm shift for my habitat, as I’ve never used colour in my surroundings before, but I’m tempted by an acid yellow or Yves Klein blue touch. I guess I’ll just get myself a small pot of paint and play around with it. A placard? A thrifted kitchen table? Who knows.

As for the everlasting couch dilemma, I’ve taken a crucial decision to get rid of the Scandinavian vintage sofa, and make my double bed into a loungey couch. Back to white this time.

With all this I’m hoping to make my place a little less gloomy as it has become during the short winter days. And for anyone who’s looking for some inspiration, surely check desiretoinspire. Everything from living room down to lovely kitchen ideas are up on that blog.


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