This weekend I’ll be going to Cologne and will try to make it to Dusseldorf (that's to get a fix of Muji candles and to drop by Ela, naturally). So for those who missed the little guide to Cologne I made a while ago, I’ll try to have a new updated version ready and freshly served to you, otherwise you can dig it out of the archives - all my doodles are neatly sorted and classified there.
Though the main point of the trip is not entirely clear to me, I’m going for some change of situation, because the work is getting more and more stressful and somehow pointless, and I’m in a desperate need of inspiration. I’m hoping to be inspired to continue and not to get overwhelmed by all the ideas and quit COS. Quitting would be the most inadequate thing to do, but that’s in my head, and it’s been there for quite a while now. Yet again I’m pondering on about something very vague…fatigue, demotivation, melancholy…
Alright, time to give up on the dear-diary thing, and search for some tasty images for a short but inspirational post.


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