t for the orchids (???)

This is probably the very first outfit post. There are just too many blogs out there doing the outfit posts every day.
I’m a merry clicker and, honestly, I do check a dozen of such blogs each day, neither as inspiration, nor would they have any influence on my choice of preference, but as a matter of a habit I browse every day through:
The Sartoralist
Style Bubble

Stockholm Street Style

Stil in Berlin
Childhood flames
Kingdom of Style
..ok, it’s nine, not dozen…but they all have links…

The point is: this is an outfit post, and this is what I casually wore today. Loosely based on the interior become fashion post. COS drapy t for the orchids, H&M sleeveless vest for architectural structure, Filippa K leggings and Zara strappy sandal-boots for the grids + COS fluo bracelet + cup necklace from London.


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