Unconscious fashion obsessions???

So it’s my third week in London, but it’s been quite busy and I haven’t seen a tremendous lot of the city yet except from the obvious bits like Portobello/Dover Street Market/Liberty. I do plan to head down to Brick lane market on Sunday as it will be my day off this week to find the particular something: vintage silk-crepe piece of clothing and some bits of silk satin fabric. Why? Well, as I have been away for so long ( counting 6th week) and if I haven’t been away then I’ve been extremely busy, so I couldn’t lay my hands on any sewing or any handy work for quite a few months now! So pretty obviously my hands are itching to create something beautiful, I’ve been also wanting to wear something fuzzy, silky and slightly oversized, so there was this ‘Eureka!’ moment when I came across a blue silk top from Dries van Noten at Liberty’s (photo of which i couldn't find, the nearest lookalike is this dress).

It has it all – fine satin ruffles of raw-edged ribbons that create fuzzy texture, fluid silk body which is see-through at some parts and tiny hand stitches ( I do love to see the stitches made by hand because it’s like travelling back in time since we don’t come across such craftsmanship so often these days). So there it was – my new inspiration…yet such a shame that I did not pay attention to this garment before! I mean, it’s so easily found all over Belgium, and I pick it out of a wide international designer selection here in London…well, can’t hide the roots, can’t we?

Another object that got me thinking while I was searching for a picture of the top is this necklace. I did not see the link before, but there’s a Topshop version of it in black-gold tones, and as by accident I was about to take it to the till this evening and instead opted for some long-ish ankle socks!!(?)
Now as a strange tension is building up inside my head – was I really planning to hand-paint a pair of vintage heels in a marble technique some couple of weeks ago??

And why am I so dedicated to finding a perfect shade of iridescent taupe-brown eye shadow???

Did someone play this A/W Dries van Noten collection in my sleep, like one of those tapes that you’re supposed to learn the language from? I’m scared to go back to the hotel now! There’s something in that airco!
…and my new silky batwing dress from COS might end up looking like this one day ( and it shall be the day when I get my hands on those lovely tiny vintage sequins that my mom has been collecting).

Or may be those are just ‘signs from above’ as solution to melancholy and identity crisis…no really.


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