back from THF, off to KNO

Dropping by the Wood Wood store in Berlin made me actually discover something pretty necessary for my fingertips at this extensive time of travelling that my job involves me into, and plus it’s soooooooooo spot on! My new object of desire in question is nail polish from a brand with a name as quirky as their colour choice – Uslu Airlines. Nail polish is not their only product, but I find it the most eye-catching one. And the names are inspired by three-letter codes of airports in all kinds of destinations around the globe. As anonymous as they sound they are still terrific names! So shall it be JCO,



or may be I better go to KNO with the golden shade suggested by Bernhard Willhelm for his collaboration with Uslu Airlines. I simply love his logic, since the golden KNO shade stands for Knokke-le-Zoute!

These tropical destinations are also sold in Weekday in Stockholm and Princess in Antwep, so off I go...


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