the wide/rolled-up pant phenomenon

My wide pant observation pot i.e. the folder in which I collect similar styles images, is brimful. It took less than two weeks to fill it up with snapshots of stylish fellows all sporting flightily similar combo outfits. So just out of mere curiosity I started classifying the images, and this is what I got:
Men’s category is fairly simple, it’s all about chinos, predominantly beige ones, rolled up + tank top + suit jacket, where the chinos are beige by default, top – white, jacket – black. Or the same chinos come with injection of colour, namely in socks, and the bow tie is the essential detail.

Similar to women casual styles beige chinos are worn with a short jacket.

Yet another women’s category is the most fascinating one. The standard outfit does look pretty individual on each wearer – that’s what makes the observation pot explode! There’s the rolled up wide pant worn on the natural waist or just slightly lower, the tank top is always tucked in, the jacket is the loose and long masculine number, the shoes are on cork platform or towering stiletto heel, don’t forget black socks and the ubiquitous oversized tote!


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