cold wind, warm feelings....and the stocksales

There’s something both sunny and winterish about Brussels today, or may be it just feels so after spending the whole day out and about in the city. The apartment search is not the most inspiring thing, especially with a rather limited budget, but I’ve got to do my best to find an appropriate for my upcoming showroom/atelier shop, which I’m planning to hold in my own apartment… I’ll be typing out some decent update on this matter in some weeks, so gladly there are exciting journey to venture upon.
Speaking of the journeys…last weekend spent in Cologne in Germany ( classified as a personal experience, so my appologies for not writing about it) was a relief from my tourmented immediate past and inspiration for my inquisitive future – no worry, I’ll be back once again. Now i send out a cheer to Sebastian, Marion, Joh, Andy and all the lovely people in the lovely places of my new favourite town.
Tomorrow I’ll do my first part of Antwerp stocksales starting with Christian Wijnants/ Pelican Avenue at urban Outfitters and Bruno Pieters on Aalmoezeniersstraat.

...really hoping to grab one of these:


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