ready to dress the world up

Let’s origami, my friends. These five silhouettes are soon to be photographed and sold, most likely in Sweden and hopefully in Tjallamalla.There are two Tjallamalla shops in Sweden – one in Stockholm and one in Göteborg, both selling work of young designers (beautiful and unknown today) alongside the big names like Acne and Dagmar (that were beautiful and unknown yesterday, but now are on everyone’s wishlist). And the importance of this shop and many other similar shops found in Stockholm is immense – they create designer unions, organise meetings and support young beginners by giving them their very first retail point. Many fashion brands are home-made by one person only, but yet they have customers, fan-base...well, they just function like ‘real’ brands, just on a smaller scale.
This approach fascinates me, and don’t get me wrong, it’s not about the 15 minutes or fashion to masses or whatever else H&M Magazine is calling ‘fashion amateurs’! Creating the platform for fashion brands, even the self-made ones, is the step away from fashion being fed to the consumer, when our choice is not backed up by envy or competition we tend to be less complexed about our clothes…hmm, funny how the idea is converging to one sentence : this is what’s missing here in Belgium!
Well, getting back to my home-made .origami mon ami – I made a start.


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