la boum

Cotton candy coloured skirts and sweaters, sporty visors and 3D ice cream... that sort of girly joy of life that I am constantly drawn to. But I have a mixed relationship with Jacquemus because I'm not even sure if those clothes are meant for wearing or is it a certain spirit of nowadays captured within a garment, reflecting what we live in - so it's more than clothes, but less than something wearable. Weird! Looking at the massive three dimensional ice-cream applique on this huge cotton t-shirt I don't see clothes, but a perfect disguise for a round trip to the Perfectland where I'll go skateboarding down the Rainbow Road and handing out with my little ponies.
A strange feeling of exuberant happiness overwhelms me when I look at Jacquemus Spring Summer 2014 collection, its sporty bubblegum dresses, cropped tops and mini-skirts.
The same strange feeling washed over me when I saw the ice-cream t-shirt on my brief visit to Hunting and Collecting yesterday - I'm sold! I'll be the ice-cream girl forever.

Now that Hunting and Collecting have celebrated the store's 4th birthday, I would like to dedicate that  feeling to them - the very store that always leaves me in awe of all things new, joyous and unique. Brussels would probably be a sad boring hole without them, and for 4 years already Hunting and Collecting's Aude and Niels are making sure that it will not happen - just like next Saturday, when we'll all celebrate the shades of bubblegum pink, alongside Simon Porte Jacquemus who will be presenting his collection, and alongside the true hunters and collectors.
Be there!


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