The New Era User's Manual


I'm not sure if I did the right thing, but this blog needed a breath of fresh air - a breath of any air, actually. So here it is - a new Tumblr-like look that looks and feels so high-tech that I'm off to outer space with it. The time will show whether it's practical or not. I like how the post page and the main page are sitting happily in the same window, and how the NavBar pops out from the right-hand side - a lot like Windows 8 that I'm currently attempting to master, but somehow better! You can still find all my links in the Link section of the NavBar, as well as the Archives and Contact button. You can comment directly on the post page and share all my doodles on Facebook (oh horror!). And if you have a zoom feature on your touchpad - zoom in and see the posts rearrange themselves on your screen - cool huh!
The only old news is that .origamimonami will always stay lo-fi and low-profile no matter how high-tech the Blogger Template Designer may get. I've been always old skool when it comes to blogging - crappy mirror outfit shots, lazy email interviews and ye olde shopping guides that I never get to complete because the camera runs out of batteries. Bringing the good old fun into the new era, ain't I!


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