the end of all and the beginning of everything

While we were busy surviving the world's end and celebrating the new year's beginning some curious and sad news have slipped into my mail and almost managed to get mingled with 'further reductions'-style messages from all major online retailers - see us all turning into horrid chippies! - and that is sad, yet not the news I mean.
What I'm depressing about is an imminent closing of two shops - Sandrina Fasoli in Brussels and RA in Antwerp. The former being one of the most interesting young designers on a very limited Brussels fashion scene, and the latter is probably better known abroad due to the overwhelming press coverage, crazy buying choices, exclusive taste in art and cuisine, and all those good things I can tell you about Romain and Anna who have founded the RA boutique only a few years ago. I'm glad that the RA's Paris counterpart is doing well, but there will be a hole in my heart and on the Antwerp map when RA shuts its doors in March this year - I've lived many good moments on Kloosterstraat 13.


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