come spring


There quite a few press releases in my mailbox I’ve been meaning to rewrite, but probably I won’t be telling you anything new since they’ve been collecting digital dust for already a while. So let me start with the most intriguing one!
Hunting and Collecting are doing something pretty unusual for a high end boutique for the upcoming spring season – they will be the first Belgian retailer to sell Topshop and Topman…erm…halt! Topshop?

And just maybe I shouldn’t write much about Topshop x Hunting&Collecting, because as you may know, Topshop normally gets a plenty of slaps and grimaces from me on this blog, as I have never been able to get any decent service out of those Brits. Faulty, incorrect, broken items, bad packaging and tedious refund/exchange service that costs an arm…or a leg…bad fitting and sizes and lengths that don’t correspond the image – there’s nothing worse than Topshop online service. And then…
And then I went into the store on Oxford street, which is really sized more like an airport. Standing amongst the eager Topshoppers and not knowing where to go. I ended up going to fitting rooms at least five times with too many articles, having a lunch and still going back to the fitting rooms – there IS a lot of stuff to consider. It’s more directional than COS, and at averagely the same prices you can find really strong pieces that will last you a lifetime. The Boutique section was impressive, not only design-wise, but also quality-wise (I am wearing a Topshop Boutique dress at this very moment, it’s from 4 years ago and still looks impeccable). The footwear lounge is a separate story too, I do own three pairs of Topshop shoes (ok, I know it’s not much, but alongside with my collection of Dries, Margiela, Branquinho, Ann D. and OC, it is more than I need) and I’m endlessly happy with each one of them.
‘The moral?’ – you may ask. Topshop is a flop as much as it is a win, and it takes the most skilled eye to pick the best pieces. I have upmost confidence in Aude and Niels to do so. I’m curious about their selection and about the general style it will represent for the Belgian (or Brussels) public which is very difficult as the local ‘fashion crowd’ has no guts to wear anything remotely fashionable or crazy, and basically remains the ‘hangout/party crowd’. And just may be the democratic Topshop can teach the boring Brussels fashion scene some tricks of British quirkiness. It is a clever move and a wise choice. It wouldn’t have been possible without a strong position in fashion retail on the international level, and I’m glad to say that Aude and Niels have established themselves internationally only one season through.
There will be more new names to talk about next season, of course. I’m glad to see Veronica B Vallenes, Christian Wijnants and Emma Cook. Re-appearance of Wood Wood in Bxl (previously sold at Mapp.), Back by Ann-Sofie Back, Complex Geometries and Silent by Damir Doma ( which are of a different style, but it works at RA13). Linda Farrow sunglasses, Swash and Yvonne Konne (once again the RA13 list) – and I’m only mentioning the ladies’ part! It will be yet another lovely season.
Upon writing all this I feel like I should go hibernate until February, like a big Russian bear. Then wake up, pull on those Carin Wester shoes and go hunting and collecting.


  1. I heard about this but it is fun to read from your perspective. I would not have known about this boutique without you. haha I guess hibernating until another fashion month sounds like a good idea.