Proenza Schouler worship group


Spring/Summer 2011

Autumn/Winter 2010
What attracts me the most in the recent notion of beauty is its odd extraterrestrial part, when everything seems to be as wrong as white trash, but glows of unexplainable beauty from within. Naturally, if I were to pick a soundtrack for this I’d go for Salem’s King Earth – the right amount of trashiness that makes the doom and the gloom of ‘drag’ so hard to appreciate but so easy to quickly get addicted to – the slowed down and deconstructed version of hip-hop, and who would have guessed, but I’m loving it to the bone.

Spring/Summer 2009

If I were to quote one brand to get the full picture of this odd beauty, it would be Proenza Schouler. What Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough do to fashion is wicked, witty and weird. They sow:

Spring/Summer 2010

We reap:
I wish to have a heap of fried blond hair and a can of coloured hairspray just to praise this girl’s look and Lazaro’s and Jack’s odd aesthetic.


  1. I am excited with how much they have pushed themselves since their inception. Bravo!