glitter scenario


Sometimes I get into a strange buying mode when my logic follows two parallel paths without any interaction between them. So I end up buying very irrelevant pieces like this Lena Lumelksy blouse from RA13 stocksale and Margiela glitter stilettos that were a total steal on eBay – all shiny and glittery and dangerously feminine.

The parallel logic line runs along my day job and the constant interaction with the most amazing design pieces courtesy of Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, A.F. Vandevorst, Dries Van Noten and plenty of others that make the unpronounceable name of Belgian fashion. The quality of the pieces makes me give in a little as well as the possibility to pay the buyer price instead of the retail one…tempted? Utterly! So I come home with a Rick Owens short-o-skirt and Ann Demeulemeester boots – the two being robust, somewhat lumpy, harsh and unisex and the direct opposite of the shiny heels. The moral? Once again I realise that I’m a collector, eclectic and a two-faced creature. By no means negative tough! I do prefer owning a random collection of marvellous design pieces than a tasteful matching wardrobe. I prefer awkward beauty to prettiness, and a shocker to pleaser…but then if you see me dashing through the street I’m most likely to wear a basic COS dress and an H&M coat from 3 years ago, but then occasionally shopping for groceries in a total look from Henrik Vibskov and some 10cm high heels. It’s a surreal scenario I live in, still don’t really understand why.


  1. I feel the same about my approach to buying, and wearing, clothes. I'm a real collector at heart, as much as admire those with a minimal, matching wardrobe it is not for me. I tried once, it failed. So now I just have a jumble of items some on the extreme side like vintage CDG things I've managed to find on ebay, others very basic Cos or Topshop items. And when I try to combine these extremes it probably does look ackward, but I'm ok with that. And I'm also a fan of dressing up for grocery shopping. Makes the mundane more fun.