lanvin's generous heart

Poised atop the ACNE Studios home page, this logo looked quite amusing:
I was just about to get excited about the new H&M colab with Lanvin, but this very logo appeared in the press release:
Hello, H&M! Do you really think we are so illiterate that we cannot see the similarities? Or is that the deliberate twist and a ‘democratic’ message? Unfortunately for those who like to see me swearing off in 4 languages simultaneously, I’m not in the mood for long words today. But if I’m quiet, it doesn’t mean I agree.
Oh Mr. Elbaz is surely the kind of hippie who <3 everyone.


  1. I think it is a (quiet)statement of sorts to say collaborations are all relative.


  2. I belive it´s a koncept since Lanvins logotype seems to be Lanvin followed by a heart. Quite brilliant according to my opinion since they can add anything and then it becomes: "Lanvin loves... whatever"