While typing this post I erased a few lines and started anew because it seems to have no point. And since that is no new news, I’ll tell you exactly what’s on my mind.
I’m so happy for Brussels – it finally has a fashion scene which is growing, developing and setting its own style cornerstones. I’m glad to become a fashion observer in my own city. I’m very excited about the great breakthrough of many style blogs which now define the latest fashion trends and are now places of inspiration rather than derision.
I started writing about my personal style and about fashion in general when I lived quite faraway from ‘civilization’ – in Kortrijk, out of love to someone with who I spent two and a half years of a happy relationship. His sister hated me so much that she threw scandals in our house, and I just felt like I’m the weirdo from another planet. I felt misunderstood – and misunderstanding is by far my biggest fear. Well, in my spare time from being a weirdo I was also a cool girl at all rock shows and a girlfriend of that skinny singer from a hardcore band – trust me, there’s nothing better to do in k-town. Oh yeah, the band is still there up to this day – the Creatures Like Us blend with Penguins Know Why, called Räpe Blossoms. I still believe it’s a fucked up name for a band…if you want to sound Scandi go for Fück MIDI or something like that, it will at least quote a Scandi wonder-band Casiokids, and sound pretty heavy too…well, that’s none of my business I guess.
Well, rewind once again, at one of those gigs I met my personal devil from the far-faraway Portland, a man who’s very heart is possessed by music that no one else can get near it, or at least I can’t, and that’s a shame. He’ll come back to Europe again and again, previously with 31 Knots, lately with Menomena and soon with Tu Fawning, and again we’ll be drinking coffee just to avoid talking about what happened between us.
While living in Kortrijk I got a cat, she’s still here with me - my pretty furry baby.
Those two things and a ticket to Cologne – soon after I was out of k-town for good.
But I can’t deny that having shared two and a half years of my life with someone, I treasure the acquaintance. I can’t pronounce him an enemy whatever he does. He was once to do an interview for the publication that I was working on, refusing to finish it because it would be published in my unknown magazine. Strangely enough he sent me the finished interview upon finding out that I were to do a collaboration magazine with one very famous stylist. Me looser, you rock star? My magazine not good enough for that Crocodiles interview? I wouldn’t take it all personally if he weren’t to kindly explain to me that he knows me way too well and that I’ll never get anywhere with my ambitions. That’s a very interesting theory, I must say.
So strange to sit here and think about the beginning of this blog at the beginning of another blog project.
You know where to go for that very fashion fanzine preview!


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