the evolution of Saskia Diez PAPIER bag


It’s an award winning design created as a collaborative project between Saskia and Stefan Diez. It strips the utilitarian object of the decorative context and breathes the new life into the most essential requirements of a travel bag: durability, protection and light weight.
They say it holds up to 20kg only being 135g in weight (I’ve got the ‘heavier’ version, but it equally exists in 115g), which would probably mean I’ll just carry even more stuff with me than I already do. I’m looking forward to seeing it grow older and wiser, getting wrinkles and losing a bit of colour.
The only down point – no inner pocket. So I guess I’ll just make all my friends ring me so that I can find my phone.

Saskia Diez bags are avaliable at Hunting and Collecting(now) and Atelier Solarshop(in September).


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