At this very moment there are just too many reasons for a massive spring clearout in my wardrobe. Well, firstly affected by springtime the human beings tend to regularly get rid of piles of so-called ‘unnecessary stuff’, and secondly moving from one apartment to another causes a very similar reaction…
…or at least this is what The Took of the Urban Jungle says…
I’ve been cursing myself with all the big words while moving for being the most non-selective hoarder when it comes to clothes – this must come to an end! And the past couple of days have been dedicated to purely that – sorting through my wardrobe, deciding what to keep/sell/donate, to which I must admit that there are so many nice clothes, but I just don’t make any good use of them. I’ve never been good at layering, neither at rethinking the use of the garment – here a skirt will always remain a skirt and never become a strapless top or a snood…and I do talk about the respect to the design and its purpose, but may be it’s out of the lack of creativity…
In other words…welcome to a rather common blog extension – the shop! At origami…boutique you can purchase my clothes, be it designer, vintage or high-street. I will put them up there 2 weeks prior to selling them on eBay, so that you can avoid the bidding rush and make your purchases at ease. I promise the ridiculously low prices, because the purpose of the ‘origami…boutique’ is not to get rich, but to find these babies a new home.
The boutique will be up and running in the course of next week, so do check back.


  1. i'm also gonna have a clear out in my garderobe,
    just so i can buy more stuff :) from your boutique for example.. cant wait!