what's rust and pink and military with animal prints?

The chase for the spring has begun. I am collecting all pastel, greige, taupe grey marl and rust coloured items, notably in suede and silk. Surprisingly there are many different styles to choose from this season – and I rarely liked the trend clothing.
For spring I feel like trying the A. Wang’s military/sportswear cross-over with touches of rust suede and black leather, yet still keeping my affinity for checks and abstract tie-dye prints inspired by wood and trees. It sounds like a challenge, but eventually there’s a clear picture of what I like: trench-coats in greenish grey, soft pink, photographic prints, pale canary yellow and ivory, oversized garments in silk, suede patched and suede shoes, peg leg high waist trousers, cropped bolero jackets, straps, harnesses, and loads of grey marl.There’s one thing I’m trying to get used to: animal prints. Hard to describe why, but I always steer away from anything that reminds me of leopard, zebra or god forbid the patchy cow-print. Knowing that I was grossed out about stripes just over two years ago, and now my wardrobe is filled with stripes of all sorts, and when the stripes reached the critical mass, I switched to checks…. So, the animal print! It’s taking over little by little with the arrival of my second animal garment – the Chloe Sevigny for OC tiger-print scarf (the first being, erm, a pair of snake-print tights), the very subtile form of which I learned to love. And just maybe I am ready for a little bit of leopard, as there’s something animalistic going on the shoe-level.

These are by ACNE, but the similarity to the aforementioned Wang is just in your face. Yet I love how ACNE combined all my favourite elements in one collection: there’s a plenty of blurry pastel digital prints, washed out colours, dominance of suede, and those magical pink peg leg trousers. Once again I’m speechless over the Swedish creativity!
In the meanwhile (and the while is very-very mean, just look at the current horrid weather!) we’ve got to cover up in wool and fur and keep our happy feet warm. I’m glad to do it with my last sale buy – the very simple and plain but incredibly comfortable Zara suede creepe wedge boots. The colour is gorgeous, but the rest is just warmth and comfort, so forgive me for that. I just must admit that while fitting them I also tried the Zara version of pale pink peg leg pants and they were a match made in heaven, so tomorrow I shall steer towards the nearest ACNE retail point to try the real deal.

Now a side note: did you know that the extra heels on this shoe are removable? Be amazed!


  1. I am also loving all the rust and pale pink that is coming out! You should efinitely buy those pants. And oh my those acne shoes (both pairs) are genius. But I am especially impressed by the removable heels, now that is something.