space odyssey 2010

Decisions taken together with pain-killers and antibiotics…Bye-bye bowl cut! See you in a couple of months when I finally (for the millionth time) realise that only a bowl cut really suits me. But yesterday I googled for a picture of a nice haircut, trying to find what to do with the back: model, undercut or let it grow out… the unexpected numerous references to all sorts of b-listers and headings genre ‘bowled over’ got very seriously on my nerves.
In a momentary lapse of reason I pulled out a picture of Lotta Volkova and a pair of scissors… scream: “Copycat!”, that’s alright. I’m happy with a short bob with a longer ponytail.

Today I went outside on a mini-shopping spree with no purpose, because the sun was shining and I’m feeling so much better. Yet I can’t really call my mini-purchases sunny, as I managed to pick up some cheapo black lipstick. The logic behind it was to try the unnatural lip colour before buying the blue or yellow. It’s a shame there’s no other colour than black, but at least I can now surely go for the Shu Uemura yellow (still think that the blue will look too futuristic, unless it’s a deep inky shade). I love the effect of black lips, it’s such a relief that almost feels like I was forced to wear pink or red clothing all my life and now I can finally choose real colours. My issue with makeup is that I don’t understand the natural look – I prefer to feed myself healthy things to get flushed cheeks and even complexion rather than wearing a ton of makeup faking the healthy skin. Naturally, I end up owning sky-blue mascara, green eyeliner, red eyeshadow, orange blush and now black lipstick – the less a certain product is associated with that colour the better.
Well, a little experiment is always good.


  1. rad haircut! i find myself attracted to the same rules with makeup- the more unexpected/strange, the better