the details

Sometimes there can be just too many accessories, or at least I can never make my choice, so I always leave empty-handed. Just a thought of how much extra you need to pay for a belt to go with your new dress makes me choose dresses that don’t require the use of a belt. But today I found one that doesn’t really have a purpose yet. It’s just a belt on its own – no styling ideas, no particular outfit in mind. I like the matte leather body and a tassel-fringy strap which is a bit unusual (seeing leather tassels on loafers, shoe-strings and zippers).

Does marbling technique really exist when it comes to painting leather? If so, then I want to know all about it. This harlequin pouch has the most beautiful colours ever and I’m imagining, leather leggings, skirts and sofas painted like this. It would be fantastic if Natalia Brilli made her designs in marble leather too.


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