un animal devra mourir

What can be better than starting a Saturday with a cheesecake for breakfast?

Well, admiring my work completed is quite a reward (or rather just not seeing anything COS-related for a weekend) – the big Christmas change has transformed the shop, so all of you who are already thinking about the festive period can drop by rue Neuve 66 (i.e. COS Brussels) for the fix of black+gold+embellishment while the stocks last and to say ‘hello’ to your devoted origami-blogger while I’m still there. I am counting my last weeks at COS impatiently to move onto the next year that will surely be full of magical experiences and opportunities. The past two years have been a great school and I must thank everyone for putting up with me. Yet I’m eager to try something new and way more challenging because ‘I put my soul in what I do’ (yes, coming back to my latest favourite tune again).
Now moving away from mass production to something more elaborate and intriguing: yesterday’s presentation of Giuseppe Virgone's new collection held at RA13 in Antwerp.

There was something pagan about the embellishment, largely executed in fur, hair, feathers and metallics, the collection has grown from flesh toned soft textures that were at times contrasted by slashed effects onto the all-black and incredibly tactile, and finally onto the matte golden surfaces and draped effects. And the incredibly monotone and soothing drones acted as a background, as well as marble walls and ceiling. Yet there was no luxury under the cold contemporary light – one could trace tribal influences, in the best sense of the word, because the translation of such influences in the clothing remained simplistic within the paper cut-outs that formed a bond between the opulence of feathers or beads and nomad silhouettes.

Chapeau to the organization as well! The served dishes, the ingredients of which I wasn’t really able to decode (apart from the possible presence of blood sausage) were quite a stunner. I strongly advice the RA team to continue impressing it’s friends, and to any of you who missed this event sign yourself up for a newsletter and definitely be there next time instead of admiring the blurry photos produced by my shabby camera.


  1. cheesecake cheesecake cheesecake

  2. yes, this blog's creativity is fueled by cheescakes...sad (but tasty) truth;)