bucolic my a**. really!

‘The head scratching effect’ is definitely there, Miss Phelps, only that it is caused by your review of some of the strongest collection that has come out of this season’s fashion week. So let’s contemplate upon what you derogatorily dare to call ‘bucolic’. Well, yes, K. Lagerfeld did go bucolic for Chanel, but face it, every time he brings out a new collection I’m sure it sets Coco’s spirit restless. I don’t believe she’d mutilate the elegance of this iconic fashion house and substitute it with whoreish outfits good enough for x-rated movies only, you know – the kind where they take a story of a Little Red Riding Hood as the scenario.

But anyways, back to the toile de Jouy and medical body stockings galore of Wunderkind’s spring/summer ’10.
When others are wondering around knee-deep in tie-dye, Wolfgang Joop takes onto the classic toile de Jouy prints, blurring them, messing them up, pleating, shredding like there’s no tomorrow.

And if A. F. Vandevorst can work the lace lingerie into the hospital-like bondage, throughout the years calling onto the hospital furniture as one of the biggest inspirations – consider the following image as one step forward towards the customer, providing the next-season’s leg-wear to die for.

The boxy renaissance silhouette with the great focus on the shoulders is softened by the silks and embellished by the graphic check print.

And finally, if Dries made every single high-street brand copy his black&white optical checks to the point of the ridiculous, I would be more than happy to don the following ensemble of the see-through shirt and a block-print trouser, not forgetting the bondage shoes (which resemble the blue/silver heels that Susie wears so often). And by doing so, I will agree to be the walking manifesto of the fact that style.com reviews tend to make no sense at all, purposefully leading us onto the narrow path of Givenchy & Co. worship. I really hope you, kids, look around more, shaping your own opinions and not swallowing what’s being fed to you hook, line and sinker.


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