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This is an old one, but I wanted to share some images from FAT magazine – it is of Danish publication and I haven’t found further issues of it anywhere around here. The issue A I picked up in Sweden last autumn.
FAT stands for Fashion Art Type. It doesn’t mean to present any modern or on-trend material, but the entire content is hand-picked to reflect people, phenomena and styles that the editors find interesting, no matter whether they are contemporary, new, ancient or even démodé. FAT is bound into a ‘playground’ – a creative meld of fashion, art and graphic design.

I love how the magazine functions in chapters, each one divided by the cross and editorial spread. The featured artist in the art section is Ricky Swallow – the Australian-born sculptor living and working in Los Angeles, who makes amazing sculptures carved in wood – almost unbelievable for the forms are incredibly organic.
This magazine has a very strong identity – it’s dark, broody , reflective. ‘A’ in this issue stands for ‘addictive’ – and it truly is. The kind of publication where you want to run your fingers across the pages as it’s so visually consuming that you want more. It has got the word ‘addictive’ engraved on the back cover – invisible to the eye, but is a final point above the ‘i’ of the true enchanting readers’ experience.


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