i believe in colour

In times when I feel incredibly girly (there’s no explanation to such occurrence) I could do well with a ‘loud’ dress – draped, coloured, frilly kind, the dress that doesn’t need any accessory apart from ‘loud’ nailpolish in the-more-unusual-colour-the better shade and a pair of equally ‘loud’ shoes like the silver Marc Jacobs pumps. Not much make up, only matte fire red lipstick on the bare face, plus messy hair. It sounds incredibly easy, but you have to be as lazy as I am to not overdo it. I recently realised why I am such a minimal maximalist – well, I don’t give a rat for getting the ‘look’ together and my taste in clothes is a bit…erm…on the wild side. As easy as a pie!

blue dress Bernhard Willhelm
black dress Proenza Schooler
black dress #2 Acne
green dress Acne
red dress Alexander Wang


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