for the inner Frieda Kahlo

I’m not going to repeat what I already said about the shows not having anything new to offer. And may be I should be feeling happy about it because we are approaching the winter season and I am way more excited about my new stripy t-shirt because it is made of 89% wool than any of the new catwalk images on (I must admit that the full-screen view is pretty addictive though, and honestly, you see the clothes much better than if you were to sit in the audience of the real show). So the one catwalk worth a detailed study is VPL.
I did entertain myself with silly thoughts like ‘this one reminds me of old stuff from Christian Wijnants’

or ‘I wonder what happens if you get a tan with this thing on’ – I do mean it well. But then…

…the show turned into an asymmetric, nude, play with transparency heaven. These dresses remind me of bandages and prosthetic devices – you do need a close-up view and a Frieda Kahlo-esque imagination, but I would have mistaken them for some early A.F. Vandevorst work. All the piping and stitching on the nude fabric is only visible when the sequined undergarments are showing through, but then it blends in with the body and you see nothing but a pretty nude-coloured dress – that’s where the catch is.

And now imagine these delicate yet structured jackets with some rough and heavy tweed trousers – the kind of tweed that might have a sort of plastic coating, and the Proenza Schouler a/w ’09 tapestry boots. Get it?


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