one last wishlist, i promise!

If the idea of thigh-high boots frightens you – look away now, for I am considering purchasing a pair of black suede thigh-highs from Zara as a perfect match for my…yes, you guessed, my greige power trench I’m making. It’s not even finished yet and I’m already planning various outfits to go with it, like this one: Zara Grace Jones t-shirt, Opening Ceremony high-waist shorts, the boots, Dries van Noten necklace, Chloe mini-bag.

Not that I poses the finance to add the Chloe bag to the real outfit, but it’s more about mixing the two styles, which has been very well done in the Chloe’s autumn/winter 09. The oversized and strict goes hand in hand with undersized and glitzy, or dull textures of felted wool and suede contrast with noble silks and velvet. The other day I came across one phrase on Hel-looks that inspires my autumn:
"The essential thing is to find the balance between trashy and strict.
For instance, if you mix afrobeat with Vivaldi you get Phil Collins."
Just may be I’ll be mixing happy hardcore with Birthday Party to get Oneida.


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