once again it's all about the Dane

When I was little I was dreaming of a machine where you put a picture and it makes you the real object. Today I’ve been thinking I would make a great use of such a machine, it wouldn’t be to make Barbie dresses, but to make clothes for myself. I have too many ideas in my head, especially when every day I come across something new and exciting, rediscovering feminine designs, going back to colour, reviving pleats, glitter, jewellery and headgear.
Today’s rediscovery was of my favourite designer – and every time I say ‘favourite’ I mean it more and more – Henrik Vibskov. Yes, it’s again all about the Dane! Every collection is stronger than previous one and this time around the autumn/winter 2009/10 is an amazing mix of Magritte and Pierrot - both weird and sad. I’m glad that there are no ubiquitous shoulderpads, nomatter how much I love them, but I’ve been looking for another way to put the focus on the shoulder, and I found it here. There’s a lot of pleating and folding – as usual the man is so good at origami with the clothes – the kind that is hidden within the seam and only opens with the movement. The shoulders of some coats are cut pointy and oversized and folded inwards in the sleeve, this way the silhouette is broader and more structured. I love the graphic finishings too – triangles and semi-circles in leather!

Yet the best silhouette of the collection is the tweed pencil dress with a ruff around the waist. It already made me scout the internet for a ruff tutorial, tomorrow I’m off to scout the shops for some stiff nylon fabric; the bowler hat is already on its way to me from Topshop.

I’m afraid this season I’ll be going for The Human Laundry Service total look. I know it’s silly to copy designer’s lookbook, but what am I to do if it’s awesome-amazing-perfect??? I have no shame!


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