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Lately I’ve been going through a little writer’s block, which has been happily resolved today with a very enjoyable read through a book on After Architecture. It’s a catalogue of an exhibition that has taken place in Barcelona, and a complementary study of the typologies of after architecture. Back. Interior. Around. Demolition. These are some heavy topics of multi-contextual analysis of architecture as a social phenomenon. In this book After Architecture is all that shapes our image of architecture in the post-modern world. This is not only the sterile and idealised image of the perfect architectural model of a grand building, but those projects that have not been realised, the human value in the architecture where in interior is often depicted free of human presence, but can never evolve without it. Parallels are also drawn between architecture and film, both in the work of Mounir Fatmi whose Skyline installation is composed out of video-tapes, down to the phenomenon of ‘the secret room’ and the age long fascination with the hidden and unknown, often shown in fiction films - the red thread of the plot.

It’s a complex read, but to every fashion designer who has ever uttered the words ‘ I draw inspiration from architecture’ this book I do recommend. It breaks the constructed image down into the fragments, each worth of study, and shapes it back into a paradigm, rather than an isolated phenomenon, shaking and shifting it time to time, for example, referring to hierarchy of interiors, thus pointing out to the conventions of our western world about the patterns of living and the bourgeois utopia of a single-family home.
The verdict - definitely give it some time to absorb and digest…and be inspired.


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