tunnel vision


All my favourite pages of various magazines laid out in front of and all around my laptop – is the landscape I’ve been admiring for the whole morning. This is the selection of the all-time favourites: Androgyny, Pin-Up, Under the Influence visuals. All these pages have something crude and cold about their presentation, the kind of lay-out without any decorative lay-out works. Plus the soundtrack by YΔcht (click click click here.

Yes, I’m a fan! And it’s so sad to miss their gig in London next week.)– I know that I’m making a very clear and bias selection of styles, working with different contributors and forcing them to stuff their picture within my frame is maybe not too cool, but to start with I have capacity for one magazine only, combined with a precise vision of how I want it to look and sound like. So yes – tunnel vision! With a light in the end of it.


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