Fashion Academy Show 2009, Antwerp

A while ago I promised to write a few words about the La Cambre show, but after another wonderful catwalk at Antwerp Academy, I’ve decided to drop this idea. Why? Well, here are just some of my favourite collections – I’m struggling to pick a real favourite, yet I can surely say that Paula Selby Avellaneda has won my heart with a mayhem of wigs, sequins, Underground shoes and batman-esque ears.

Astrid Peeters’ collection possessed that unique mystery that Antwerp designers can create with their clothes. Heavy capes and hooded coats revealed multi-printed dresses, somewhat reminiscent of Christian Wijnants’ work.

Mariel Manuel’s spectacular pieces – a massive tulle and fur galore, yet each silhouette was so sweet and fragile at sight!

Further unicorn-meets-Chanel outfits at Matthiew Thouvenot…

…and crystal castles of Irina Shaposnikova.

Plus being awkwardly acquainted with Yvan, getting wasted on champagne at Bruno Pieters’ b-day, and finding some good old ex-classmates of mine – the night was a part-e-y! Next time, same place!


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