fire on the high street

I had to almost spit the tea out on my keyboard as I literally choked on seeing this:

I mean, it’s disgusting enough to walk around Zara being able to point out designer and season that has been shamelessly copied in each garment. Is this a smart strategy? Well, it does seem to work on the ‘moo’ and ‘baa’ crowd that wants to look like a page from a weekly magazine or Belgian Elle… and when a representative of such a crowd comes to me in the shop and asks why does COS copy Marni I do mentally tell them to bugger off (because COS copies Acne!) …but such a move from Mango has taken me by surprise. Of course it looks cheap, of course it is tight, and most likely it’s made of some synthetic crap. The morale? Once again I’m wishing for all this high street bullshit to burn in infernal flames as I figure out my artist’s status.
Mango, have some fucking respect, please!


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