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Now as I’ve been browsing for the new shoe inspiration I came across an article written by Suzy Menkes about the death of the It bag and the rise of the It shoe. Frankly, I’ve been rather convinced that the It bag passed away over a year ago, yet is calling this article ‘the final nail’ in the poor It bag coffin. Just to make it clear, I’ve never pitied the bag, but I do say ‘poor’ because the entire fuss that surrounds it is well out of proportion. So what if some b-listers wearing the ubiquitous skinnies+sexy t’s+huge designer tote. So what if women are feeling comfortable carrying a kitchen sink inside the vast space of their holdalls and giving it a designer frame, switching from season to season, from one hot buy to another. We are all to some extend a part of mass culture fed to us through blogs and weeklies. There was nothing wrong with an It bag, as there’s nothing wrong with MySpace, which is also slowly going into the notorious passé.

Done with the It bag – onto the It shoe

Done with MySpace – onto the Facebook

…one and the same to me! May be it’s a silly comparison, but this is the way we trade one for another and this is the never-ending process. ‘Process’ by meaning, and NOT evolution.
Anyhow, back to the subject (we are now allowed to refer to ‘It shoe’ as to a new-way-forward subject, thank you miss Menkes). I am well informed that the aforementioned article is a statement of a sociological view, not promotion, but the numerous interpretations of such powerful saying shall be not more than promotion, new form of mass deception and control (here’s my bug).

Yet it does make a lot of sense, and as explained in the article ‘Inevitably, classicism is on the way back in a jittery financial climate that is encouraging customers to look for lasting value. So there is also an emotional and intellectual reason to look for a fresh fashion start after the dramatic end of the bling-bling era.’ So these objects of craftsmanship are primarily the most logical thing to become one-season issue since the vertiginous heels do not sustain a lot of wear and unlike a bag, the shoes are generally not being passed on from one generation to another, since they are not the Delvaux or Chanel bags. Plus a pair of such one-seasoners updates either last-season or timeless wardrobe in a jiffy. In the end, all due to the recession era we are entering now – this is the most logical development of ladies’ wardrobe.

So, my answer to the era of the shoe…I’m not sure if I want to participate at all in the It phenomenon, whichever object is in focus , but at the same time…sculpted heel – check, exaggerated shapes-check, craftsmanship and embellishment – check, towering heels - also check…it sets me thinking that by description I might be giving in just a little. The only difference is that my idea of a weird special shoe does differ a bit from the catwalk images. The natural obsession with my Miu Miu wedges expands onto some gems of shoe design from ACNE. And that's about It...


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