fake cape

I do fancy an idea of a cape. Do not attempt to read between the lines – this is about a cape in the true sense of the word – that ubiquitous outerwear garment from a couple of seasons ago. Back then every self-respecting brand has produced a black cape-coat for the winter collection. I’m still kicking myself for not buying the COS version, it had a biker jacket feel to it, both ACNE and Filippa K had their own versions. But let’s not get into the banal again.

My inspiration here is a bit more awkward, because the ideal cape that I imagine is a fake one, it would actually be an ugly child of a fairy cape and a housewife-style batwing shirt, composed out of light-coloured and slightly textured fabric, with odd asymmetric length and some pleating details. And to detach it from the elf capes as reference to my pointy ears, the long draped cape part would actually be worn in front. All this might sound incredibly confusing, but it’s simply continuing the principle of the Season X for .origami mon ami which I’m working on a while back ago.

In this picture is a phantom dress which has two different dresses built one into another: a form fitting sleeveless bodice and a cape-like back which drapes loosely and hangs slightly lower than the front. So if I were to give this dress a backwards companion, it would be the fake cape.
General inspiration as follows:

A huge batwing shirt at the background by Monki, blue trench coat with front drapes, cape blouse by Henrik Vibskov, a Hel-looks image of a girl in a vintage cape, a Facehunter image of a vintage pleated dress, another pleated cape blouse by Henrik Vibskov, back drop dress by ACNE in beautiful shade of lilac.


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