chair, become shoe


Finding myself at my parents’ place is not so bad afterall, since I can spend a lazy morning admiring my mom’s collection of design objects. There’s a very particular red thread running through the interior, from colour palette to choice of objects and shapes of the chairs. It’s very interesting to be able to see things in a different light sometimes, even those objects that have become banal and usual somehow. The moose head makes me think of the Undercover’s fringed dress, the bird sticker on the window becomes a batwing shirt ( not to mention a black batwing coat!), orchids are like the floating silhouettes of Dries van Noten collections, vases with ears are like stiff fringes of the Natalia Brilli leather scarf, cross suspension lights are glowing sequins restricted by graphic pattern, and of course those infamous chairs become a stark grid of gladiator sandals.

Images are:
Leather scarf by Natalia Brilli, from Reborn
Chairs by Konstantin Crcic in the kitchen
Gladiator sandals, from
White orchids in the living room
Graphic dress by Dries van Noten, from
The bird sticker on the window
Eared vases on the coffee table
Batwing shirt, from
Cross lights in the kitchen
Elastic panel skirt, COS

Graphic clutch bag by Dries van Noten, from
Fringed dress by Undercover, from
The moose in the living room


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