the survival


So we did survive. And nevermind the fire in a neighbouring store! Despite of all ‘credit crunch’ bullshit that all newspapers are feeding to us, people were ready to spend their souls out on the first day of the sale. I’ve never seen a shop so empty – they bought everything off the rails, tables and even mannequins. I’ve never heard money figures so big being made in our store. I’ve never done the till behind which there was a 7 meter queue. I’ve never seen Mustafa working in such high tempo (that’s an internal joke). Congrats to all! There are just a few very comic points to retain for the future sales to come:
• Wait for the moment when they bend down to fit the shoes to step over some customers who have built a communal fitting room between the elevator and the mirror.
• Give compliments to the customer who managed to undress the mannequin to fit the jacket and dress it back in pristine condition.
It was a day when I missed my camera a lot, there could be some wonderful pictures of the pathos and obliquity to which people resort during this day. Anyhow, I’ll be spending next Saturday in the much more entertaining surroundings, i. e. good old London. Hooray!


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