Tea cups and white birds of the Brick Lane

…what can one do against an overwhelming wave of nostalgia that is simply taking over and filling me brimful? There’s something so familiar and domestic about tiny objects that I happen to pick up at the Brick Lane market today. Here’s an absolutely minuscule cup and saucer necklace on the finest golden chain in the world – it’s barely visible against the skin and a kitschy-cute white porcelain cup is like a surreal pick-nick setting.

It’s a creation of Louise Buchan, and is on sale at @Work – the absolutely marvellous jewellery shop on Brick Lane 156.

It has been now more than two years since the Father Costume project and I’m still looking back on it with nostalgia. May be because my time is entirely dedicated to work – and it takes the absolute level of dedication to be the true ambassador of COS – and there’s no more dedication left for creative thinking and productive time-spending. I feel like I’ve given up on certain ideas for which a porcelain cup and an albino budgie were the ultimate symbols. And after visiting the shops and market stalls that are plethorically littered with objects of all styles and tastes, I find myself attracted to the one and the same – a cup and a budgie!

The latter is the work of hands of Jessica Joslin – a student in ceramics, and these life-size birdies and bows are a part of her project of ceramic jewellery designed for Miss Crofton…as mysterious as it sounds!
Anyhow, these two are going to be my constant reminders of those distant goals and plans I’ve set out for myself and on a day when I feel bad, lost, self-contained or when I simply miss my little white bird named Penka, I’ll wear them around my neck to help to coordinate my hands and head buzzing with creative ideas.
On a less personal note I must add that anyone and everyone must visit the ‘Sunday up market’ (I guess that’s the name of it) – it’s a partially covered and partially open-air area just off Brick Lane riddled with stalls where young creatives are selling their work – be it clothing, jewellery, printed t-shirts, hand-painted plimsolls(!) or food.


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