La Cambre show 2008


One wouldn’t call it spectacular, neither well staged, but it’s a certain DIY quality of La Cambre shows that makes the low-profile Brussels style stand out from the rest. And as I more or less know what to expect from Antwerp defile this weekend, I did not have any idea of what to expect from La Cambre. The show, entitled ‘Honeymoon’, was a staged contrast between cold city landscapes on the background screens and flower-decorated hairdos of models who walked the stage in zigzagging motions. Surprisingly, I found all the clothes were very colourful and there was not a single collection which would explore a gloomy palette and focus on tailoring. On the contrary – bright, floral, geometrical, knitted, exaggerated shoulder-line, numerous zips, futuristic, patch-work, coloured plexi, clumsy shoes and thin strings of pearls are the terms that come up when I try to describe the overall mood of the show, and not just individual collections. Somehow the boundaries between the individuals got slightly blurred this year.
Yet the two particular names have stuck by. And of course, who wouldn’t love the beautiful gradient coloured shell by Léa Peckre, or noble red pleats by Zoé Vermeire.


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