My naïve summer

It’s funny how a very long list of clicking and wishing becomes a moodboard. I do tend to create moodboards to capture one particular state of mind, and defining it with clothes is even easier – it has *almost* nothing to do with what I want to wear, but I clearly saw the reflection of my daily moodswings from melancholy to quiet pride, from roleplay to childish naivety in those beautiful designs that I just randomly save on my computer.

A jersey print dress for self confidence – I can’t wear this material that shows every curve on my body without being reassured and confident, even if it’s hidden beneath the oversized fit.
A silver bell sleeve jacket for showiness – somehow the feeling of exclusivity makes me arrogant and showy.
Manoush jelly ballet flats for sweet memories – the kind I’m scared to let go of to feel insecure and empty.
Rika smiley print dress for naivety - just general silliness and light-headed behaviour.
Cat mask necklace for role-play – calculated, analysed to every symbolic action and not too friendly towards the counterpart.
Slouchy cardi for sloppy negligence– that’s what I do when I hope that noone’s looking.
Rika lace trimmed cape top for sweetness, cuteness and loveliness with which I ask to be forgiven and settle down conflicts.
Bright coral sock for awkwardness which I feel after overreacting, exaggerating or searching for who to blame.
Stine Goya origami pleated belt for twisted logic – with which I analyse everyone around me.
Manoush jersey and ruffles bow dress for flirt – very feminine, slightly risqué and driven by desire for those that I should not.
Rika starry print tunic dress for the inner glow – he makes me feel all sparkly and shiny sometimes.
Blazer style jacket is for butchiness – I do like to be the ‘man’ of the house sometimes and always.
…this gives me an idea: pull some pieces of clothing that I recently bought out of my wardrobe to map out a certain mood board of the recent events. That can be very interesting indeed, hmmmm.
And now a tiny commercial break from self-analysis: all the garments in this post are available on-line at YouHeShe – my long-time favourite on-line boutique.


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